"Maybe I’m not the greatest writer, but see it wouldn’t matter if I was. There isn’t one word in any language, or a million words for that matter, that could convey the wonder that is you. Even the simplest things about you amaze me. The colour of your eyes. God has never created another shade of blue that deep. Your lips, don’t even get me started on those. The way they graze my neck has to be one of my favourite pleasures, and the way they allow me to hear your voice along with your perfect words. Your jawline and your collar bones and your shoulder blades. Your hands and the way they rub the weight from my shoulders, and how you never mind that I squeeze them when nervous. The way your chest was perfectly designed for my head just so I could listen to your heartbeat. Your legs and the way they tangle with mine. I want to be amazed by you forever. I want to wake up every morning next to you, with your eyes still closed in sleep and your skin glowing with the morning sun, and I want to stop and think, "God damn, I’m so lucky to love you."
It’s 2 am and all I could think about was you.



This is beautiful.